Wearable Metaverse/Gaming NFTs on Polygon
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Unique Wearable Metaverse NFTs

Buy once. Wear anywhere.

MetaVests are stored as ERC-721 tokens on Polygon (Matic) and hosted on IPFS.

Each MetaVest is unique and comes with a guaranteed airdrop of UNV tokens. Own and wear a piece of history.

Owners can view their MetaVest in PNG format on OpenSea. MetaVests can also be viewed in 3D, with multiple styles of 3D/voxel models (.glTF, .VOX) coming soon.

We believe this is the future of digital items. One NFT representing an asset you can take anywhere in the metaverse.


Vested UNV Airdrop

Why sell your MetaVest when you can keep it and get airdropped thousands of free UNV tokens?
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Every single MetaVest gets a vested Airdrop of UNV. No staking, no shilling, no hoops.

Depending on the rarity of your NFT, you get anywhere from 10,000 to 1,000,000 UNV for FREE with every MetaVest.

The only catch? You have to HODL your NFT to claim your vested tokens over time. This means quick flippers get punished and miss out. New buyers get rewarded.

UNV Price (CoinGecko) $------

This Airdrop uses Unvest’s own NFT Vesting technology. Whoever owns the NFT at any given time can claim the UNV tokens as they vest. Sell the NFT? No more tokens for you.

Linear Vesting begins 6 months after Minting and lasts for 2 years.

Minting a MetaVest costs 500 Matic.

There are no price tiers;
MetaVests cost the same for everyone.

Note: 250 Vests are being withheld from the sale. These will be used for giveaways, rewards for early Unvest community members and for the creators' own MetaVest fits (one per person).

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Artwork and Rarities will be revealed after the mint phase

Each MetaVest is unique and programmatically generated from hundreds of possible traits, including type, color, background, patches and more. Every MetaVest is special, but some are more special than others.


High Vis


Wear & tear


MetaVests are being built by the Unvest team. We’re fully doxxed, VC-backed, and have years of software, design and web3 experience.

We also build and maintain unvest.io, an established DeFi app with tens of millions of dollars in TVL across 4 chains (Ethereum, Polygon, BSC & Avax).
Kiran Matthews

Founder & CEO of Unvest. Previous YC company (Head of Design) was endorsed by Steve Wozniak. Was minting NFTs on WAX in 2018.

James Rohloff
Operations & Community

COO of Unvest. DeFi Degen. Co-founded a publicly listed BNPL startup. Used to do global marketing campaigns for beer brands.

Klaus Hott

Builds Prettier Solidity, used by UniSwap, The Sandbox, Gnosis, Synthetix etc.

Arlen McCluskey

Formerly at Google, AirBnb, Dropbox - artistic & visual design genius. Likes hikes.

Alan Soares
Front end/web3

13 years experience developing for the web. Actual bona fide functional programmer.

Alysson Bortoli
Full stack

Makes things load fast and makes sure they don't crash.

More about the Unvest team ▶

Angel Investors

Our angel investors have a combined audience of over 140 million followers across TikTok, instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Sorry Coffeezilla, there’s no pay-to-play here. These early strategic backers bought their UNV allocations via the Unvest Private Round in August. They get 1 MetaVest NFT each and aren't entitled to a UNV airdrop.

PS. Here's what happened when we tried to pitch Cody & Noel...




Pre-Launch Phase

Unvest’s NFT Vesting tech is what enables the MetaVests launch, so it’s only natural that we look after diamond-handed community members.

MetaVests mints are randomized so minting early does not offer any advantage in terms of item variety, rarity or airdrop size.


Public Mint Phase

Stay glued to our Discord to get notified when the public mint window will open. Minting will be on Polygon (Matic) where you won’t be bled dry by gas fees. 👍

We'll allow open minting before listing the final tranche of MetaVests in a Copper TLA.


Post-Mint Reveal

After the mint phase concludes, attributes and artwork will be revealed. Every HODLer will be able to see their exclusive, unique MetaVest.

All 10,000 MetaVests are entitled to receive an Airdrop of UNV tokens. This is where you'll find out how many free tokens you're getting.


UNV Token Airdrop

We’re airdropping UNV tokens to every single Vest holder.

Every NFT acts as a unique claim key that allows the holder to periodically claim UNV tokens from the NFT Vesting Contract. The airdrop is vested (or staggered over time) so you have to hold onto your MetaVest to claim it all. If you buy someone else’s MetaVest, you get their unclaimed UNV tokens.

Airdrop sizes range from 10,000 to 1 Million UNV tokens per NFT, and tokens can be claimed at any time, as often as you want. We’ll publish tools (at unvest.io) where NFT holders can monitor vesting progress and claim tokens.

Unvest’s NFT Vesting tech will also be available to all other projects on Ethereum, Polygon, BSC and AVAX - with fees going to UNV holders.


Models, Angles, Art Styles & Gaming Integrations

We're going to roll out more ways to show off your MetaVests. Compatible 2D & 3D files will be made available. This will allow MetaVests to be worn in different games and third-party MetaVerse environments.

This will include voxel-modelled and rigged 3D versions of assets for compatibility with The Sandbox & Decentraland.


Fitting Rooms

If you’re buying clothes you need a fitting room. In the MetaVerse, we have 10,000 of them.

Each MetaVest-holder will get exclusive access to their own digital fitting room. A 2D canvas editable only by the owner of each specific NFT. Write on the walls, draw stuff, put up posters, whatever you want...

You can set your room to be completely private, let in specific MetaVest holders, or open it up for the world to see.

If you sell your MetaVest, the new owner gets access to your room, they can see what you left for them, and can add to - or tear down -  your masterpiece.


What are MetaVests?

MetaVests are an exclusive collection of 10,000 unique Wearable Metaverse NFTs. They cover an array of diverse styles and variations with hand-modelled details crafted by our in-house creative team.

What do Metavests look like?

MetaVests can be rendered differently depending on where they are being worn. We think this is how most metaverse assets will work in the future.

If you're in a voxel based game like The Sandbox, your MetaVest is rendered in 3D voxels. If you're wearing your MetaVest in a 2D platform game environment, a simple 2D sprite is used to represent your MetaVest.

One item, unlimited art styles.

While the blockchain only contains one numerical representation of each MetaVest (a contract address and a token ID) - we are able to host multiple assets off-chain that can be used to represent your MetaVest.

What do I get?

While a PNG of your MetaVest is what you see on sites like OpenSea - your MetaVest is so much more than just a picture. You get different assets to represent your MetaVest, including animated GIFs, MP4s and 3D model files.

Each MetaVest comes with commercial rights to create and distribute derivatives. Each MetaVest is also entitled to a large airdrop of UNV tokens. At least 10,000 tokens and up to 1 million if you're lucky.

How can I use my MetaVest?

As well as being a unique collectable and piece of digital art - your MetaVest also gives you access to an exclusive community, as well as interactive experiences such as Fitting Rooms.

You will also be able to use your MetaVest as a wearable accessory for your avatar in the Metaverse.

What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a new shared digital world being built using a range of technologies including blockchain. The metaverse combines elements of gaming, virtual/augmented reality and digital item trading.

Think “Ready Player One”. MetaVests are a metaverse-native clothing item and unique symbol of self expression within existing AND yet to be built virtual worlds, games and economies.

How does the vested airdrop work?
Do I have to stake my NFT??

No, you don’t have to stake your NFT or do anything other than hold a MetaVest to be eligible.

You simply need to hold your MetaVest and have it in your wallet in order to claim UNV tokens as they vest. Once vesting begins, you can Claim tokens at any time using the Unvest dApp.

UNV tokens are already listed and can be traded on Uniswap, PancakeSwap and Quickswap.

What chain are MetaVests on?

MetaVests are launching on Polygon, a widely used L2 built on top of the Ethereum Network. This is mainly due to the unworkable gas fees required to transact directly on Ethereum L1.

We also expect that most metaverse and crypto-gaming transaction activity will take place on various Ethereum L2s including Polygon.

Where can I buy and sell MetaVests?

MetaVests can be bought here until all 10,000 have been minted - after which they can be bought and sold on any NFT marketplace such as OpenSea.

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Every NFT gets an airdrop
Multiple NFTs = Multiple Airdrops